My First (Apple) Cake. Yay!

So, today I’m having fun with Apple. After JP went to work, I knew I’ll have sometime to kill before leaving for Dinner outside and then Salmon’s time at Bz’s place – JP’s colleague. What am I gonna do? Reading and blogging do not seem very convenient with a very limited time. I was thinking, maybe I can try making something with apples we have in the fridge. Yeah I guess it’s time to practice baking..not to mention that it’d be nice to bring something for Bz since she made Salmon tonight. The salmon was meant for our ‘movie night’, but we had to postpone it since she is invited to a ‘good bye drinks’ of her Chinese teacher tonight. Instead, we’ll just what JP call ‘eat and run’ at her place before she leave.

Searching and searching for recipes..I found this one from Allrecipe.comApple Cake IV. Since JP and I are starting to live the healthy diet in our daily life, I found the recipe suit us since it doesn’t call for butter at all, any cheese family, or milk. Well, yes it has carbs and sugar of course, but still in moderation. Come on, It’s cake! 😀

Have fun with Apple! I thank 🙂

Glad that I brought our cheap electric mixer and kitchen’s scale from Daqing. Eventhough they’re cheap, they work great to me as a beginner. They both become quite important for baking since I remember one quote that I stumbled at – one of my favorite blogs:

“When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste.” (Laiko Bahrs)

Looking back at my baking trials in the past, I find the quote is so true! 😀 I made mistakes by trying to do my own style and technique – like improvisation, which ended up with failure. Yet, I never regret it. The experience and lesson of making mistakes, beside courage to make improvisation, to me is what value more.

Anyways, still waiting for the baking part.. It starts to smell sooo good from here – our bedroom, strong cinnamon’s aroma..and here is will give the up date later.. 🙂

50 mins in the 175C oven: Not super bad..just a bit burnt on the top.
"Voilaaa!" My first cake..I'm quite satisfied with the result 😀


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