Februari Spesial: H-1

OMG it’s just tomorrow..then we’ll enter the 5th! I’ve been doing good enough with the continuity of Anniversary Kutipan Cinta 🙂 It’s H-1 today, here they are..

“Spouse is someone who’ll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have had if you’d stayed single” (Author unknown)

“Marriage is the state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all two” (Ambrose Bierce)


Quote #1, I can only say it’s really a beautiful life to have someone beside you, to spend the rest of your life with. Indescribable! If you are now single by choice, then I respect your choice as a really brave decision. Not that I am scared to live alone, I am sure I can if I want or should by certain condition, but because I can Imagine myself would probably be less happy. I’m just into spending my life with someone I love who also loves me, instead of alone. To blend my imperfection with his. To share time and space with his. To walk together cherish the moment we have. To comfort each other’s feeling and mind when we’re just too tired or exhausted by the hectic life. And so on and on..

Is it too much? Is it selfish? Is it shallow and very pragmatic? I don’t know..but that’s maybe. I think people act certain way along with their understanding about the way, so maybe I’m just representing what I understand about how life should be regarding to love.

If you are now single just because you haven’t found anyone suits you yet, then I hope you would never give up! I would say it’s all about time. Sometimes the right thing and person will come in the right time, or when you’re about to give up. But I’m not saying you should try giving it up on such purpose.. :p I was once about to give up my journey to find my better-half, but I was so grateful that he was not giving up for his, that’s when we found each other until now! And I found many stories out there about couple with even much more amazing and moving stories on how they found each other in an odd and unexpected way 😀 So, believe in yourself that you’ll find your significant others!

Quote #2, 😀 two people in love could be slaves of their love, that’s how I got the quote. But I guess, slaves in a good way of course. The funny thing to me is, the ‘consistings’ part that reminds me of polygamy practices and believes in some places including my country. Living and growing up in a society that pretty much accept and even legalized polygamy, I was once being one who sorta accept my future husband to practice polygamy instead of having an adultery or affair that is not fair for anybody. But my ‘acceptance’ was shaped by the ‘coercion’ of the very patriarchal society. It was a powerless state of mind being surrounded by such believes and practices. Shameful, it is.

Fortunately, I met my right man. Someone who has ‘the right’ path about love, commitment, life, relationship, marriage. He brought my mind and heart back to the right path. My husband, my better-half, my all!



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