First CouchSurfing Meeting!

Sunday night ago, February 26th, was my first unexpected Couchsurfers’ meeting ever! Was unexpected since what JP and I knew was we’re invited for a housewarming party at his colleagues’ home. So, we thought it’d be only party for colleagues of his. Turned out it’s only him, Mk, and the hosts (Mr & Kl) were from the school they work. The rest of the guests were mostly Couchsurfers from CouchSurfing (CS).

I’ve joined CS since we’re still in Daqing. From what I can remember, I joined CS because I’d like to connect with people from Xi’an in prior to our arrival there. Back then we’re preparing ourselves for a prospective job to JP in Xi’an. But somehow I’ve had never do anything with that after until the night I just mentioned.

We met nice, warm, lovely, and appreciative people there. I had a chance to talk with some of them, and unfortunately missed talking with few others. I wasn’t noticed until JP said it was like a ‘UN meetings’ with some ambassadors from countries, lol.. true though! We were Canadian, Irish, Polish, Indian, Pakistani, Spanish, Mauritian, Chinese, and Indonesian. They are students, teachers, businessman, policeman, employees, and a housewife 😉

Mr took some pics of all of us together. I envy his camera with tripod – which is in my mental wishlist! 😀 Later I’ll try to ask Mr to send me the pics so I can put it here.

Since it was Potluck meeting, then everybody brought something to share. I made 1.5 kg Beef Rendang and glad that most of them said they like it. Two who were serious enough asking about that were Sv and Jo, who apparently cook as well. We ended up make a deal to exchange ingredients; Jo will give me garam masala since he just come back from India trip, and I will give him fresh tamarind that he couldn’t find yet here in the city. Plus I’m gonna send the complete recipes of Indonesian Rendang to both Sv and Jo. They both made food themselves for that night as well. Sv made Kroket (or crocquette (?) in French), and Jo made Pasta Salad, they were both awesome dishes!

After the party we went to a bar somewhere in the area of South Gate City Wall for pool. Took turn playing pool in team, some drinks with a more reasonable price than some other prime bars in the area, with JP contributed to many of the songs/musics selection – it was fortunate that the bar had only a few other customers other than us, so we had more freedom to choose the musics and use the space 😀

In the end it was only JP, myself, and Nl left at the bar, and we decided to grab some street food in front of Fantasy bar – which is about 5 mins walking. Nl is a medicine student from India. He’ll be graduated in 6 months. He’s a nice and very humble guy. We spent good times at the street food area, talking and eating Ji Dan Chao Mien for him, Chao Bing for JP, and Deep fried veggies and chicken Kebabs for me (yikes but seemed to be best for the chilling night!).

What gladden my heart most was that the meeting has given JP different perspective and experience about CS. From skepticism to a very positive and inspiring ones. I am sure we both have to thank Mr and Kl for inviting to the lovely party!



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