Around Xi’an: Melody Fast Food

This is one of fast food restaurants/counters in Xi’an. I don’t know how many chain they have entire Xi’an though, luckily there’s one in Gaoxin area – tens meters from Guang Hua Lu stop (right in front of EF School). Lucky me because I sometimes feel craving for ‘deep fried’ (well, I know :p) food but we don’t really eat chicken meals from KFC or McDonald except for a quite strong and exceptional reason like we’re on the trip or so. Other than that, I also like their sauce which is much closer to Indonesian taste – balance combination of sweet-salty-spicy.

The young man who serve the order reminds me of some nephews back home, about his age, 25-ish. He’s friendly and speaks quite good English. When I asked where did he studied English, he said he had been studying in Canada for 1 year, and decided to come back here to take care of his family business. Even though he said that he understands English more than speaking, still when he speaks he sounds pretty fluent.

Anyway, so far my favorite food from them are: Tuna Omelette which I think more as Pancake with half-separate egg on it surface. Other than that, I also like their like chicken cordon blue but without cheese or anything inside. Whatever it name is. Pretty good! But over those two, I love this one more: Fish strips! Well, I don’t remember the name they give to it, but I would call so. It’s basically fish battered with spices, cut/shaped into strips, deep fried, then poured with sweet-spicy sauce from taiwan. Hohoo..yummy! back home it is close to what we call as ‘otak-otak ikan’ (fish strips sorta). Next time I’ll take the picture of it..


melody, fast food, xian
MELODY: Cheap and tasty food from Taiwan. The male waiter speaks English too.


melody fast food, gaoxin
MELODY Fast Food: Cheap & Tasty. The taiwanese sauce meets my Indonesian tongue.


melody, xian, fast food, tuna
Tuna 'Omelette' which I think more like Pancake instead. But, it's tasty anyway!


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