HTGT: Metro Supermarket

LOCATION: South part of the city. About 7.3 km down-south from the south gate (Nan men) of city wall, and about 3.2 km down-south from Xiao Zhao market area.

metro supermarket, xi'an, shell gas station
METRO Supermarket: Beside Shell gas station

FACILITY: Subway/Metro train stretches from Up-north until down-south Shan Shi Da subway stops just in the area of Xi’an TV Tower (there are at least 4 gates of subway here: south-east, north-east, central, and north-west of the TV Tower) The closest gate to Metro is the north-west one.

metro subway, gate A1, Line 2, xi'an, tv tower, metro supermarket
Metro (gate) to METRO supermarket: there are 4 gates in the area.

BUS NUMBER: From Gaoxin area I took mini bus#212 which passes 3 stops along Gaoxin: Guanghua Lu, Gaoxin Lu, and Gaoxin Yi Zhong. This bus takes about 25 mins from Gaoxin Yi Zhong stop to Ba Yuan stop where you get off. After getting off you keep walking straight for 30 meters then turn right. Keep walking about 200 m until you see Shell gas station with Metro supermarket right behind it.

BUS STOP DESTINATION: Ba Yuan stop to bus#212, and ………… for bus# as seen below (updating)

Metro Supermarket Xi'an: Bus stop & Bus Numbers


INSIDE The Building: Massive amount and kinds of import goods; alcohol from many countries, bakery with ‘real’ western bread, processed meat, western dairy, veggies,  clothing, camping and outdoor tools/equipment, mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ Sauce, Salad dressing, varied foods and snack, coconut milk, chocolate, baking/cooking stuff, snacks, drinks, fruits, stationary, etc. But from what I can note they don’t have Indian rice, baking soda and powder, muffin pan/cups, certain kind of yiest, and almost none of Indonesian products – well who wants to buy them while there are only a couple of Indonesian here in Xi’an, lol. Asian products are dominated by Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India. (updating)

OUTSIDE The Building: TV Tower just across the street. Municipal International Exhibition Center which is at the other side of TV Tower. KFC just near the south east subway gate. (updating)



metro, supermarket, xian, after sales
Metro After Sales: Located at the outside corner of the building - back part of the parking lot.
metro loker, xian
Metro Loker: Self service, automatic, and very convenient.


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