HTGT: Tang Dynasty West Market

LOCATION: West of the city. About 3 km south-west from the west gate of city wall. The front part of the building is about 150 m from Gaoxin Roundabout. While, Fengqing Park is about 150 m from behind the building.

FACILITY: RT Mart Private Service Bus with varied numbers/route. I’ve tried No.8 from Gaoxin Lu. Here’s the route: Tang Dynasty Market–> Tao Yuan Nan Lu (passes bus stop Tao Yuan Hu)–> Flyover Nan Erhuan Lu–> Out of flyover and turning right to Tai Bai Lu–> Turning right at Keji Liu Lu–> Gaoxin Lu (passes bus stop Guang Hua Lu which is right in front of EF School)–> Passes Gaoxin roundabout–> Tang Dynasty Market (RT Mart buses parking area).

BUS NUMBER: See the image (updating)

BUS STOP DESTINATION: Lao Dong Nan Lu (updating)


IN The Building: Gome-Electronic & Gadget market, Body Care Watson (International chain-they have body lotions/body care without whitening, yay!), RT Mart Supermarket, Etc. (updating)

OUTSIDE The Building: (updating)

tang dynasty market, xian
Tang Dynasty West Market: West of the city
tang dynasty west market, xian, RT mart supermarket
Tang Dynasty West Market: A Huge shopping area with a nice combination of modern and Chinese architecture


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