Plate, Spoon, and Chopstix (1)

Here we’ll reveal Chinese culinary, especially the ones that make our tongues dancing and craving for it now and then. Here you go:

Chao Bing: It is basically bread looks like pancake, shredded into strips – almost make them look like flat noodles, then fried with a bit oil. Together with the bread they toss in chopped garlic, sliced onion, little cubes of chicken, shredded white fresh cabbage, a bit chopped spring onion, soy sauce, salt, (certainly) MSG, and probably something else that I don’t notice. Cheap, tasty, and very filling! You can find this dish just about anywhere in Xi’an. It’s perfect to eat during winter, enjoy it when it’s still hot 😀

chao bing, roti suwir goreng, fried bread/pancake

(Like) Ma La Tang from Da Qing (I’ll find out the real name later): This one is basically soup with many kinds of chopped/sliced veggies and fruit tossed in, together with some sauces and ingredients. In general, the vendor provides you with baskets’ lines of potato, sweet potato, many kinds of dou fu, gan dou fu, green veggies, crab sticks, many kinds of mushrooms, scalp, many kinds of little meatballs, many kinds of noodles, etc. The ingredients usually; garlic, soy sauce, dark vinegar, maybe sesame oil, salt, MSG (well, this is china!), etc. I love this one! Usually I’ll ask them to put just a little bit garlic – to reduce the garlic-breath! 😀

ma la tang like, hot spicy noodle soup

Mi Telor Suka-Suka: This one is my original randon style noodles. We usually keep some Niu Ro Jiang (beef bean paste), Ji Dan Gua Mian (egg flat noodles), Muslim chicken sausages, Some veggies, at home. Just in case. So when we’re hungry but feel a little lazy to go out for food, this is something that we can make quickly and tasty as well. Just boil the noodles together with green veggies. When the noodles ready mix them with some sesame oil in the bowl plus a little chopped garlic. Add cut sausages too. Stir them well then Enjoy when it’s hot! (egg noodles can be so sticky when it gets cold).

mi suka suka, ala inda



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