Around Xi’an: Where To Find Baking Powder and Baking Soda?

I found it’s not easy to find baking powder and soda here in Xi’an. Supermarkets I regularly visit since the first time we moved here – August 2011-don’t have both. A little exception is for Lotus Supermarket at Tang Yan Lu, since they have (only) baking powder for making youtiao.  I don’t know if there is any distinct difference with the regular baking powder but I’ve been making pancake and apple cakes using that type of baking powder many times, and they turned out well.

So, today I went to Epin Life at Gaoxin to see if they have baking powder and soda, but I found they don’t – after checking the counters myself and ended up asking their clerk. Then I checked out the traditional market Melody‘s guy told me about a month ago when I was trying to find Dou fu, which he said is located somewhere in the area behind EF Gaoxin. The fact that I was biking today has made it faster and convenient for me to explore more places.

Last time I was not lucky enough finding the market he meant, instead I found another modern market called Tang Dynasty Western Market which is about 1 km from that area. But, this time I successfully found the market. Not only the market, but also two basic elements of baking I’ve been looking for during the past 6 months in our new home-city! It’s a big accomplishment to me since language seems to be the biggest barrier of finding things here in China, other than availability of things we need/want. If you are Xi’an foreigners as well, and you’re looking for two things as mentioned above, you may want to find this market in the Guang Hua Lu (Guang Hua street) with details and images as follow:

The closest bus stops: Guanghua Lu, Xujiazhuang, and Gaoxin Lu.

Additional Clue/benchmark: The street to get to the market is just at the right beside Dao Hang Hotel.



baking soda, baking powder, xian
Here's what I've been looking for in Xian: Baking Powder and Baking Soda. They're discovered today! 😀


With them around, baking is less nail-biting now!


The Market's Map: Guang Hua Lu, and Gaoxin Lu
Dao Hang Hotel, Xian
Dao Hang Hotel at Guang Hua Lu: The street to get to the market is on the right side of this hotel

This is the street beside Dao Hang Hotel - The market is about 80 meters down the street.

The Market images: Outside and Inside the building


The shops where you can find Baking Powder and Baking soda in Gaoxin area - Yanta district, Xi'an.




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