My First Attempt at Baking Banana Bread: Successful!

Yesterday evening I made a quick decision to make banana bread. Actually, I had been waiting to make my first attempt with further baking, but I waited until I can get baking soda and baking powder as basic elements of baking. I have finally found them both 2 days ago in one of traditional markets in our district. So, after looking at some recipes and videos of making banana bread, I found two that I was gonna stick with.

I basically combined the technique of Chef John’s Banana Bread, and the detail recipe of Janet’s Rich Banana Bread. Both are from Some changes are made due to the availability. It’s hard to find Vanilla paste nor powder here so I replaced it with Pandan paste I got from Indonesia. Sour cream (as it is called at Janet’s recipe but not at Chef John’s) is also not easy to get in the city. Metro supermarket sometimes has, but it’s just too far to get only that for yesterday evening. So, I choose to follow Chef John’s that calls for milk instead.

Time was not big enough to get chocolate chips and walnuts that Chef John calls for, instead I replaced both with cheap Dove chocolate chips contains almonds. Overall it turned out to be quite successful to me, except the color was a bit too dark – I learnt next time I should put more flour so the batter won’t get too liquidy and takes longer time to cook the inside part. However, my husband was surprised when he got home and smell something reminds him of his childhood – his favorite mom-made Banana Bread! 😀

Here are my first Banana Bread attempt in pictures.. enjoy and hope you have a chance to try -if never, or inspired to again make your favorite one for people you love, or even share your favorite recipe and some tips with me! 🙂



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