Anna in the pot!

What is it? It’s a new chic restaurant we just visited yesterday night. It’s in Xi’an city, China. To be exact, it’s on Gaoxin Lu, near EF School. If you’re taking bus you’ll get to stop at Guang Hua Lu bus stop. From what we noticed they just opened one or two weeks ago. My husband tried tried it first during his meal time at school couple days ago. After his first trial with Beef curry package we then decided to try their menu together very soon. Yesterday was the day.

So, after finished working he picked me up at our apartment building–simply because he loves riding/driving, then we went to the ‘Anna in the pot’. I found the name is funny yet a bit ‘offensive’, since it makes my right brain show some of my friends named Anna being in a pot..with their tongues sticking out jokingly at me! friends being in the pot..I feel bad for their partners.. ;D

Their food? Not bad for the price, you just can’t expect HOJO quality from a fast food resto, right? I tried what they show on the menu pamflet as noodles soup with beef meatballs and fresh veggies. The meatballs look so tempting and big on the picture..I thought they’d be like those chinese beef meatballs with ground (somekind of) meat filling, the craving of the night was something watery like that soup to me, so I excitedly ordered it for 13 kuai something. While hubby ordered a package of Rice plus beef curry and fresh veggies for 17 or 19 kuai something. Other than that we got blueberry cheese each, and sprite for him. All cost us about  65 kuai.

Beef Curry – Rice dish.. looks like small portion but it’s quite filling!

My noodles soup, was ok. Well I’m not a big fan of noodles. The flavor is fine, I can always add extra salt, la jiao (ground chili), and vinegar to my taste, but the meatballs…are not recommendable-when I was eating anyway. Not only they’re half-size of the pic, but also the amount is basically 3 meatballs with each are cut into two. I know that probably sounds naive since many food ads are somehow tricky, I guess I was just disappointed because the meatballs were my biggest reason choosing that dish :p

Anyways, still I’m glad I tried that one, so I can choose better dish for next time. I think I’ll just focus on their Rice + Curry menus, snacks, desserts, and drinks 😀 They look pretty interesting to experience–not to mention the acceptable price makes them even more luring to try.

Judging by all their posters on their wall, looks like their dishes focused on noodle soup, Rice-meat curry and combo rice in hot pot, but they’re all comes in different flavor. If you like Indian flavor, you can choose Indian flavor. So does if you like Mexican, Italian,  and a few more flavors.

The blueberry cheese cake, ooohh! It’s quite good for China–if you live in China long enough you’ll know what I mean when it comes to Cheese cake and any cakes/bread in general. And it’s only 9.5 kuai. The sprite..well you know how sprite is! lol..

Here are some pics of the places and dishes we ordered last time. I still need to take and upload some more pics later..including one shows the banner of the resto.. ‘Anna in the pot’!

Verdict: Very good when you’re very hungry and have not much left in the wallet, but still want to eat something descent. Their price range for Combo rice + curry selections is between 17.5 to 19.5 kuai per package. Noodles + veggies is around 13 kuai. While Rice in hot pot? Will need to check out and update later.. ;D


The blueberry cheese is tempting with cheese from ‘AUSTRATIA’,  oh tastes quite good anyway! ;D


Anna in the pot interior – Xian, China. Cozy, clean, and brightly warm! The counter-clerks speak enough English too.


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