Once upon a time in China..

Once upon a time in china–my sarcasm of nowadays, we can not access many sites from outside China. Due to reasons which only the government knows what, we can not access hot popular and very influential sites like youtube, facebook, wordpress, and even (that I could hardly understand) Google Docs! Come on??..It’s Documents feature where people mostly use for work and some ‘uninteresting’ stuff!

Well oh well, fortunately we live in the era where human love to find solution..where brain needs lot of excercise 😀 So, I’m so glad there is this creature called VPN here, when we’re landed and started living in China. Problem solved! I can’t imagine if I have to live here without being able to reconnect with most of friends and family back home who majorly uses facebook these days, or even just to be able to do blogging on some ‘real’ blog sites I like; Blogspot and WP for example, or just to be able to browse videos that I need or want from the ‘real’ world. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to belittle this country where I live now..what I mean as ‘real’ is the world with freedom of information access. The world with no condition where information is being midgetized by the power holder–for whatever reasons. To me, what makes human ‘human’ is the ability of getting to know what’s around their bubbles freely.

As much as I think and believe that information access should be free, realistically I thank all VPNs’ service for doing their service. They too need to make a living, to make sure their life and family will be able to survive. We’re still living in this ‘money’ era, right? *pinching my arm..ouch! oh yes too bad we are!*

We tried couple VPNs services, and have heard lots brands that we’ve never tried yet, but so far we’re happy with Astrill and Freegate. Astrill has been our good friend for the past 3 years..and we’re thinking of changing into different brand since they started to act funny here and there. We still don’t know for sure. Freegate is a free service, it’s not guaranteed to work well all the times, but it could be quite helping when both of us need VPN at the same time. Recently I heard from someone there is that Express something..forgot the the name..I think it’s expressvpn. This guy that I met at friends’ housewarming party said it works well and much cheaper than Astrill..like 12 bucks a year or so?! He works for an outsourcing company related to Iphone, and he’s from US–I heard people saying if you want to know the quality of service you may want to hear what american says about it because they’ll tend to be more straight forward and honest–less diplomacy– when giving opinions. So how wrong that could be, huh?.. We’ll find out for sure.

Anyway, China is a growing country as my own country–the difference is China is running fast and committedly while Indonesia is more like walking on the spot..almost like pivoting, lol.. sad and embarrassing to say, but I just love living the idea of saying honesty. Therefore, I am sure the story of information blocking here would remain as a history one day in China future. At that time I’d be able to say the real “once upon a time in China..” 

This what would appear when you try open facebook in China–without using VPN
Opening WP in China without VPN? This is what you’ll see on the screen..
What about Gdocs? The same!


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