Winter, Lila and Us.

Winter’s here already! Although Xian’s winter is mild-compare to DaqingChina, or TimminsCanada, still winter is winter. There are times when we’re at our peak of laziness, which is still normal, I think. When such moment comes, it just feels too “Brrhhh!” to bring Lila out. Lila is our 14 months old husky, anyway. Tonight is one of those moments :p

So, not long after our supper and movie, we just let Lila out of her cage to play with her rawhide and bottle – she loves playing with both! Teasing her here and there…for this part J is more active than I am. I could sometimes, but tonight I just want to be there reading my new Kindle while she’s moving and running around in our li’l apartment.

I think she can ‘appreciate’ it, in her own way. She just need to move move move…chew chew chew…run jump run…well, a little run (since it’s indoor).










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