Kebap: Turkish Restaurant in Xian

Finding a halal restaurant in China could be a little something for muslim foreigners. It much depends on which part of China you’re living at, and how social you are in the city because sometimes you hear something from people for what you can’t find on internet. Back when we’re still living in Daqing city, there were quite many Xinjiang Restaurants – which is identical with Muslim people and muslim food.

In Xian, I found it is so much easier to find muslim restaurant than it was in Daqing. It is quite obvious since Xian is the most eastern point of Silk Road/Silk Route which connects eastern part and western part of world for trading. Meaning, lots of traders from middle east where Islam comes from were also familiar and did trading in the city. During those days some of them might lived here and some even made family with locals and spread the religion too.

Downtown xian, exactly in the center of old city wall, there is this Muslim Quarter where most of muslim community in Xian live at. Their famous street is Beiyuanmen where you can find varied muslim snacks and cuisines, xian souvenirs, and also the Great Mosque. Outside the muslim quarter? You can still find quite many halal restaurants that is not all about Xianjiang food, one of them is this Kebap, a turkish restaurant which obviously serves halal food.

Kebap serves not so many selection of food but surely some which are popular from Turkey. It located at Chang’an Middle Road, to be specific it is still in the complex of Yanta Shopping Plaza but you have to sorta go behind the main area of the plaza. The location is a bit tricky and unexpected that our first time going there was like struggling. Here I provide the map with notes to help finding the resto easily. On the name card they provide phone number for reservation/booking: 029.62626426.


Kebab resto 2



Kebab Resto






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