Welcome Lovely February!

Today we begin the second month of 2013. The month is maybe nothing for some of you, a little special or very special for some other 😀 to us, it is pretty special since again it’s when we’re gonna celebrate our wedding anniversary.

6 years, that’s or marriage gonna be on the 20th. What people say is right, time flies! Doesn’t feel like that long already. I still remember the very first day J came to Indonesia to see me was like just yesterday.

All the effort I put to make his welcoming room which is later to be our after-wedding-room…the rent-room-hunting ride with my 2 teen nephews – take turns, the exhaustion, the relieve when we finally found one near our family house, the cleaning work, the decorating work, this and that..

Further earlier, I remember clearly all the marriage preparation that I firstly did all alone but then helped by the whole family members – after seeing my confidence and persistence. (for reasons, they suggested us to use the visit to know each other in person, then free to decide the marriage after he accomplish his contract in China). Those days with all of the paperworks, forms, Canada embassy and Indonesian Marriage Registry Office (KUA) visits back and forth, finishing my work reports and all since it was end-of-job-contract, another this and that..

Further later, the moment when my nephew and I were picking him up at the Soekarno Hatta Airport, just a couple of days before or wedding.. It was gonna be our first meeting in person, but I didn’t feel too much nervous, just a little bit. The fact we had so many things to take care before the day was probably help that our mind kept busy, and less nervous. Another thing, I believe our deep thorough and honest communication during long-distance relationship has helped as well. The moment we saw and greeted each other didn’t feel awkward at all. We felt like we’ve known each other so well for ages!

Then the wedding..the most special day of mine (and of his as well) at the moment, which later followed by so many more special days 🙂 We started our union-journey since then.

6 years, what have you done and reached? Maybe varied to each of us. Obviously it means lots of stories, struggle, effort, energy, thought, and dedication. They’re all keep blending and processing to become ‘the stronger us and me’ to each of us. The more day, the stronger we are, the more understanding we have toward and about each other. Precious that we cherish every moment we spent, good or bad, joy or sad, luck or unlucky, and more..

Today, we’re entering this month of celebration.. planning things for the day which will be pretty simple things this time (for certain reasons). So excited that we found that would fall on J days off, so we’ll have the whole 2 days to get together and do something meaningful.

February 20th..worth waiting every bit of time!



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