When your wish has to kneel down…

Living in China, I found local’s suggestions could be quite strong that stop you from what you really want to get. Sometimes you just have to give in especially when you have no other ideas or ways to figure to solve your problem – remember, this is when you are a foreigner with a very limited Chinese comprehension.

Just to mention a little sample is, like last time when I was wishing to get 3 things from taobao, which I shared here as Taobao wishlist of the month. As it said there, I was planning to get 2 pieces of clothing; 1 pants, 1 autumn/spring vest, and 1 winter coat. Since doing taobao transaction yourself could be really pain in the ass, I was asking a local friend if she could give me a help there. She was able and didn’t mind to do so. So she checked all the links I sent leading her to those clothing.

The result was, she was strongly suggesting me to just buy them from the real market. Reason? Because in her experience buying clothing online is not the best idea. By that she meant the size could be either too big, too small, or even the style may not fit your body at all. I can see her opinion, and can say it’s reasonable and acceptable, since I am not usually buy clothing and shoes online for the same reason. But, from my experience with taobao too, there are (only) certain kind of clothing I can tolerate and don’t mind to get from online market: sweaters, shirts, and jackets.

Beside, when it comes to jacket I could be a bit selective – otherwise it could make me look super tiny and weird since I have a pretty short body. I know I can’t change anything, but at least I can try to look not super short. Well, it’s preference anyway. So, I was very enthusiastic finding those links, especially for the red winter coat that looks like what I’ve been looking for.

Shortly, in the end I gotta give in to my friend’s suggestion since I don’t know who else I can ask for help with ordering those clothing. I was a bit upset, but I can live with that. It actually helps me to train my patience and being more flexible with ‘being overseas’ stuff.



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