Another poisoning season has arrived..

Winter is reaching its peak here in Xian. Speaking of winter, what’s so classic about it here? Air pollution, high level of pm 2.5 and pm 10, smoggy air, masks

In the last several days the pollution’s getting worse day by day. It’s been rising from 100 until this morning when it reached 700. How about now? It gets 800 after reaching 821 about an hour ago! I remember one day of last year when it was reaching over 1000. It was so bad that about 1 of 3 people outdoors were (finally!) wearing their masks.

aqi 23 des 19.00

What is so bad about it? I am definitely not a scientist but everyone including myself (and yourself, of course) can find out about what pm 2.5 and pm 10 are online. What damage they can contribute to our health. Even so, some people wouldn’t give any care about it. If you’re living in a place with no air pollution issue, I can still understand if you don’t care about all of this stuff.. but if you’re directly exposed by the pollution’s impact like us in Xian then you have no reason to say ‘I don’t give a damn sh*t!’.

2 days ago, I went out just so I can keep my words to a local friend – promised her that I’ll make her Banoffee pie for her to share with her parents. The AQI level was pretty bad that day, I remember it was said as Hazardous level. Didn’t want to disappoint her I took taxi and walked to her parents’ little food counter about 2 km from my apartment. On the way there I rarely see people wearing mask. In the market (where the food counter located) I seen almost none wearing mask. Not her about 50 years old parents, nor her whom I thought would have more awareness about the impact of the pollution. I asked her curiously, “why don’t you wear a mask? Don’t you think the air is getting worse?”, she casually answered, “I don’t think too much about it. It’s okay!”. I felt sad for her and her family when hearing that… *sigh*

Pemandangan dari jendela apartemen kami, saat AQI masih 400 an berapa hari lalu...
Pemandangan dari jendela apartemen kami, saat AQI masih 400 an berapa hari lalu…
Pojok pemandangan lain, masih dari jendela apartemen...
Pojok pemandangan lain, masih dari jendela apartemen…

Later I realized that buying mask for most people here still means extra expenses. To get masks specialized for pm 2.5 can be pretty costly. Im not at the place to give advice to China government, of course, but I do believe that government has responsibility to take care of its own people, especially when it comes to harmful and even deadly poisoning matter like this pm 2.5/pm 10.

Might be naive wishes but I do hope the local government will do something real about it soon enough…

Why don’t we move out of Xian? Well, when it comes to life and livelihood things are apparently not that easy to decide. Pros and cons are always there…in the end priority talks the most. So, until we find better opportunities somewhere out there, we’ll still be staying here. Fortunately winter is not the whole year, and smoggy-gloomy-poisoning season doesn’t take the whole winter! We’ll keep holding on the silver lining…



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