Air quality affects your (or my?) mood…

Penampakan udara 2 hari lalu dari jendela kami... cukup buruk walau bisa lebih buruk dari ini selama puncak winter (Desember lalu).
Penampakan udara 2 hari lalu dari jendela kami… cukup buruk walau bisa lebih buruk dari ini selama puncak winter (Desember lalu).

This morning was one of those days when the fireworks blast was overly loud and waking me up from sleeping. Oh yeah, that was just right from our building’s gate. If you’re in China or been here you’ll know what I mean.

My mind was still wanting to sleep. After the first blast then came a few more blasts. Then a few more…then many more answering to each other until noon. From right outside the building to somewhere a bit far in the city. By around 9.30 am I decided to just get up and start the day, reluctantly. Looking outside the window, it’s back to foggy air…though much better than the other day and many other polluted days in Xian.

I was wondering, “wow, it’s amazing how the weather and air quality can really change one’s emotion and mood!”. Yesterday air pollution was getting so much better, looking out the window it was much clearer air than the other previous days after Chinese New Year Eve. I can actually see the buildings from about 5 kilos down south from our window, which is wonderful and energy recharging! My mood was up to so high that I can feel like I want to do so many things at once! lol.. Felt so strange to see the air was clear again. The AQI level was once down to under 100 level, even pm 2.5 was going down to 50 ish. Then they came again in the late afternoon, those blasting that gun-powdering the air. Oh boy! 😦 So by night time it was going up again to over 100 level.

Today is the 5th day of their new year, so I am guessing today’s blasting probably has something to do with their belief in numbers and certain myths about luck and bad luck stuff. Heard that people here have those kind of thing about the order of the whole celebration which totally takes about 10 or 15 days (?).. I’m not sure. Please CMIIW.

So, I wasn’t successful in handling the unexpected situation this morning. Last night I was in a pretty high positive mood to get up early – I have set my alarm for 8 am, was excited to have a productive morning; picking up veggies in the market across the street, cleaning up and tiding the apartment, taking Lila a morning walk, and making healthy breakfast for us.

But those damn blastings from everywhere and smoggy air have ruined my morning! Or, maybe it’s fairer to say, I was unable to manage the situation quickly (?). Instead, I was just drowning myself under the blanket for a few more hours, then decided to get up at about 11 am. I wasn’t happy because I love waking up early morning and get the feeling like my day is so long and productive.

Wasn’t too late either, I think. So I let Lila play before her lunch…while hubby was doing his vocal program/training after making coffee. I ate rice pudding after Lila play, then sitting here in front of the computer to blabing about my morning.. not nice posting to read, maybe, but I thought I’d like to capture this upsetting moment fresh from the oven as part of my living in China diary.

Penampakan sekitar 2 jam lalu. Kelihatan lebih bersih, tapi kemarin sedikit lebih bersih lagi.
Penampakan sekitar 2 jam lalu. Kelihatan lebih bersih, tapi kemarin sedikit lebih bersih lagi.


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