One of the best mornings…

You wake up. It’s early morning…like 7.45 or earlier. You walk to the window, peeking out from it, and bum! everything’s white… 😀 not only that but also white tiny little flakes are still falling…dancing happily, teasingly.. While it’s warm and cozy inside! All of sudden a very nice colorful feeling fills in your heart. You feel your mind is clear. You feel so comforted…relaxed..

To live with that everyday? ‘Yes’ is what I’d most likely say.

Nothing’s more beautiful than that (well I know it’s a bit exaggerating to say but I honestly feel like it). To me, snowing morning is always on the top list of ‘I’m-so-happy list’. Well, that’s more for living in 4 seasons parts of the world. Something comparable from back home is;

I wake up, still early in the morning (to my parents household it’d be like 3-5 am because we’re doing that morning ritual/prayers). Half asleep half awake, I must get up anyway otherwise my sis/bro/parents will keep bugging me with their “come on..get up..don’t miss the Subuh..don’t miss the special bless”. Then I get up, dragging my feeling-cold-feet to the toilet. Slapping my skin with cold water..face, arms, forehead, feet, not to mention inside my nose, and gargling too. I go back to my shared bedroom, another cold stuff again slaps my overall body and…soul (at first), it’s the fricken cold wind from the outside!! Dammit! My older sis has this habit of opening our bedroom windows (and all house windows) as the first thing in the morning, “to let the fresh and healthy air comes in!” she’d usually say. Which makes sense. I can’t argue other than sometimes mumbling and self-complaining. Birds are singing melodiously…saying hello to the world. Then I do the ritual, 2 or 3 minutes, up and down prostrating. In the end, I feel a bit different. Better. Refreshed. Maybe because the fresh air has done its job in my brain, the blood is also well circulated into my brain. Maybe. Wake-up-grudges to the sis/parents disappears. Feeling recharged takes it over. That happens again and again. Like everyday. The whole year. Year by year.

By the time I got my bedroom, the habit of opening the window in the morning has been built. I can always change it if I don’t like it, or if I consciously reject it. But I have choosen to keep it going because I feel so good about it. Inhaling the very morning air always feels intoxicating and relaxing…so recharging! I ‘need’ it to start my day. They say the morning air is always good. I never asked why. But I am sure it has something to do with your brain that needs good oxygen or so. Then it’ll affect the hormone system that gives you good feeling. I don’t know. It’s an educated guess. Hey, that gives me idea what to browse about next… ;D

Anyway, this morning, that was what happening here in our apartment. Still in Xian-China with the snowing morning.

Hubby works early every Sat & Sun. So after he left I can’t resist peeking out from the window every now and then during my morning house works. It’s addicting to see snow flakes falling to the’s amazing to feel the happiness comes of it. Until I decide to…“hey why don’t I just write it down on the blog?!”. It’s too beautiful to be kept alone. 😀 I am sure the snowing morning is nothing new for many of you. But to me it’s about capturing the moment for my future remembrance.

So, here I am now. Typing on my keyboard, blabbing words out of my heart and mind about this wonderful feeling, before I continue doing my daily errands. No pictures yet for this time, I plan to have a stroll down to ‘the long park’. Was debating with myself whether or not I should take Lila with me. But the ‘it’s me time’ idea is stronger and won. Plus, I’ll need to pick up some groceries after the walk. So, the photos from the walk will be coming soon.

How was your morning today??

As an update, it’s 8.51 pm now in Xian. I endep up taking Lila with me (to the park) and cancelled my groceries plan. That was because after I double checked the ingredients I needed to make Cinamon rolls was enough. It is for tonight’s treat. We’ve been cutting a lot of unhealthy food for the last few years, especially the last 2 years. But we don’t mind to give some special treats once a while… ;D

It’s so hard to see the snow falling without putting Lila in the park, so she can play and have lots of fun with the snow and cold weather – where she came from. I took some photos and videos, but the video can only be given as link (coming up later after I upload them on Youtube).

Hari ke-4 turun salju di Xian. Hari pertama turun salju adalah 5 Februari 2014.
Hari ke-4 turun salju di Xian. Hari pertama turun salju adalah 5 Februari 2014.

















Lila and our fellow tenants (yellow jacket). She lives one floor below us.
Lila and our fellow tenants (yellow jacket). She lives one floor below us.
She was walking with her friend when she saw us playing. Both Lila and Alice seem to like each other.
She was walking with her friend when she saw us playing. Both Lila and Alice seem to like each other.
Lila enjoys the rubbing...always.
Lila enjoys the rubbing…always.
"Gimme moooore, arrrgh!"
“Gimme moooore, arrrgh!”




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