Sunlight, energy, inspirations…

After browsing, reading, emailing/texting back and forth with some friends and doing things for the group my friends and I administering, I felt tired and sleepy. It was just a moment ago. But I took a moment to get some water, went in the kitchen, and all of sudden the strong heat and exposure of sunlight ‘woke me up’, almost right away! The feeling to lay down on the cozy sofa or our bed replaced by the urge to get back to my computer chair and sit and continue writing!

(I have 2 projects that I am working on right now; finishing the book that my group is doing, and continue writing DeNo Wrimo – yep, you’re right if you think of NaNo Wrimo! Haha.. My friend and I decided to continue the unfinished NaNo Wrimo become December project, instead. She is back in England now, but we’re committed to finish our ‘Wrimo’ pact we declared sometime last month on her farewell drinking night).

Now as I sat here a moment ago, I felt a big urge to express my feeling about this sunlight thing. So here I am..

I was born and raised in a tropical country, Indonesia. There, you have “summer all the time”, that’s what I heard some people say, which is not totally wrong. We do have rainy season, though :p The season I don’t enjoy yet I know it is needed and what makes tropical place tropical!

Therefore I think the luxury of having plentiful sunlight exposure the whole year has made me forget what’s the joy and pleasure of having it for granted. Until a few minutes ago, when I finally felt and realized that my body, soul, and mind were so happy and excited getting its energy through my skin. I think they’re actually asking for it! The strong and warm sunlight coming in from our window has slap-sensed me. And I felt wonderful about it!

Do I hate cold and harsh winter, then? Nope. I love it, too. I enjoy the them, a lot. I wouldn’t bare going outside without proper winter clothing with minus degree Celcius temp, though (I’ve seen some photos of people in Canada swimming under the frozen lake and some girls wearing almost nothing outside with snow banks around them! they’re so used to it that it seems nothing for them..), but I don’t hate it. Winter gives me tremendous joy of being indoor/heated places; apartments, restaurants, etc. Winter makes me enjoy hot/warm food more, it does help in building appetite! 😀

Winter also helps me to understand when people from 4 seasons countries say “depressing winter”, or “depression because of lacking of sunlight”. I really didn’t understand nor get a little feeling of those sayings until not long ago this winter. I have been living in Northern and Northwest China for over 5 years now. Only now I got the feeling of those words. Even living in a much harsher winter area like Daqing city up in Heilongjiang province (which is very close to Russia border) never sent me to such feeling of having depression, while its winter peak can reach -45C with snowbanks like in Scandinavian country or Northern Canada. I even missed their winter! (what a weird tropical girl!).

Anyway, so what I am trying to say here is: The energy of sunlight IS really powerful, like they say in science classes! I know this maybe sounds lame..of course everybody knows it. But what I mean is, sometimes we hear things every time, every day in our live, but we don’t actually understand or feel the soul or true meaning behind it.. we think we know or understand things/words/expressions, but it’s empty. Again, like they say, knowing and experiencing are totally different. See? again, I now get the feeling of that expression just now.. “knowing and experiencing are two different thing!”.. haha.. when it comes to understanding and revealing layers of life like this, life feels so beautiful to me.

So, today I found, sunlight DOES give me power and energy to live my life. Sunlight DOES move my body, soul, and mind to do things that I sometimes lost during the gloomy dark polluted air during winter, therefore it DOES give a big way for inspirations (the precious joy and gem!) to arise in me. Sunlight DOES have that power of switching mood from dark to bright, from lazy and depressed to vibrant and awakened. Which feels amazing!

I love winter. Yet, as much as I love and enjoy winter, I now appreciate sunlight more than I did before. I’ll be sad leaving winter, especially the beauty and wonderful feeling of its snow…but I would happily and equally embrace the next seasons with more sunlight.

The only thing I don’t enjoy about summer is the excessive heat! But hey, guess what, there is always trees, buildings to hide at, wind to help sooth us, and… next winter to look for! Haha.. ;D Have a nice day, everyone!



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