Cuddling and Reading day…


Our Lila is sick. She puked this morning. I didn’t give anything different yesterday or last night, but she maybe licked something..could be spills of liquid nicotine on the table (J sometimes doesn’t clean it so well after he finish daily oiling his e-cigarette), or some splashed oil on the floor from super spicy food that I ate yesterday (I wiped it right away but it was a quick one without using disinfectant and water mix), or simply she had too much apple yesterday – maybe was too acidic for her poor little belly.

J helped wiping the mess away from her crate, not so much later I clean all trays under the crate.

It’s another hazy smoggy day today. After waking up, the first thing I did was looking out the window in our bedroom, was all white! Smoggy white. I can still see hazy layers of buildings of 50 to 200 hundred meters from here though..but still.. 😦 😦

Part of desperation (of wanting some veggies for later) and an urge to get a better feeling than yesterday, I strived to go out early morning just so I get some outside air…

(sadly real polluted air! But I just need to be out once in a while during this depressing days (I can still stand cold with proper clothing, but hazardous outdoor air? Gotta stay indoor most of the time..)

So, almost right away after J left for work, I left, too, for some veggies. I had Salsa in my head. Wanting to make some and stock them up in the freezer. We both love this Salsa recipe that I got from a Colombian friend. But as I was at the veggies stall this question J asked this morning was flashing in my head (I told him I was going out for some veggies)…”Whatcha makin’..?”, with tone of..sort of smiling and ‘hoping for something’.. Damn it! 😀 I can’t turn it down.. So i decided to offer him some Lentil soup too for dinner (Later at home he ‘yes-ed’ it via text! lol).

I originally wanted to catch up with my writing and some digital drawing tutorial today, especially that I passed yesterday with writing not a piece at all here 😦 I had to work on an order for a client in Indonesia. So I spent some time on that, playing with Lila a few times, vacuum the floor (Lila’s hair and dust is a daily chore here in our equal to 28 floor apartment), and…distracted by some discussions on Wechat with Xian’s artists group and another group of my China small-circle-friends.

To be honest I could have dragged my ass to write a piece here, but I was not stronger than my strongest excuses yesterday… 😦 That’s alright, that disappointing failure could only make me stronger today and next days!

However, with Lila puked this morning, I changed the plan a bit. I decided to just write a piece here -which I am doing right now- to make sure I cross the tally of day #10 of my 366 days daily post Challenge. Then, I’ll first spend few hours with her cuddling on the sofa, and reading one the books I’ve been wanting to read. With a soothing cup of home made hot cocoa!


A bit funny, I thought she’ll be all weak, but soon after I let her out of her house, she was all jumpy and excited to play again! lol.. Grabbing her favourite rope and keep trying to get my hands touching it.. asking for a tug of war (certainly!). I was reluctant, but looking at the playful and excited shines in her eyes, I just can’t break her heart. So there I played with her a bit, touched by her playing spirit. In my head…”who else she can play with here?

Smoggy hazardous days stop her from being outside to have daily walks and some outside exercise, so, the only way she can get exercise is indoor, with J and I. I joined this big dogs playdate group on Wechat. We usually bring our dogs to a nearby park every night anytime from 8 to 11 pm, so our dogs can play and make friends. But I stop going during winter (which means smoggy days time for Xi’an and many other big cities in China).

So,that’s about it for now. I’m planning to do more writing in the late afternoon or in the evening.. Time for reading and spoiling my little princess! Enjoy your Sunday!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sastri says:

    I hope Lila feels better soon! That’s awful to be staying indoor due to the haze. Cut yourself some slack Inda; it’s OK if you don’t have 365 posts in a year. Xx

    1. bowtouniverse says:

      Thanks for your kind and comforting words Sastri! Yeah I can sometimes be too hard on myself.. xx


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