Starwars 7 : Mark Hamill salary and Indonesian movie actors

“How much do you think ‘Luke’ getting paid for a few seconds appearance in the movie?”, was my random thoughtless question to J after that copy of Starwars 7 finished playing on our TV screen earlier today.

His answer after a few secs pause was, “I don’t know..I don’t care..”. Right. I don’t care much either. It just popped up in my mind hours after watching the premiere last Friday on the cinema…after I stopped in-mind-replaying many scenes of the movie and felt so touched by the ending which to me is a little bit disappointing yet so powerful and intriguing! Can’t wait for the next one that J mentioned will be in 2017!

The ending was so powerful and played well by (especially Daisy Ridley as Ray) that I burst into tears that night at the cinema (thanked my winter scarf!), and even (again!) just a moment ago after my second watch here at home! lol.. I didn’t intend to watch the movie again tonight if not for J playing it to see if there are parts being cut by the government here.

Anyway, back to Mark Hamill salary on Starwars 7 is just a light curiosity. Money is the last thing I think about in life, but thinking of a great movie like Starwars, a big character of ‘Luke Skywalkers’, a big name of Mark Hamill, a huge massive fan globally, and only a few seconds of appearance in the movie, I couldn’t help wondering how much he gets paid for that episode ;D

I checked just earlier as I’m writing this post, I found this link is informative enough to answer my curiosity! Surprised to see looks like Harrison Ford is the one who get highest pay among other actors/actress, I thought Daisy ‘Ray’ Ridley would be.

Another thing is, as we’re watching the premiere last Friday night, when Han Solo talks with 2 groups of different smugglers…I recognized one of those smugglers looks like that bad-ass Silat guy from an Indonesian movie The Raid (directed by a foreign national director)! But I didn’t expect it would be him. I thought it would be some African actor.

I didn’t know the guy’s name but I remember his very distinctive look. Not to mention that I hated his cast in The Raid. In the Raid the actor is a villain who seems like he can’t die…that is scary sh*t to me.  *grin*

So, later next day I browsed. And yes, it was that dude from The Raid! So his name is Yayan Ruhiyan. Apparently there are two other Indonesian actors from the same movie in the scene; Iko Uwais and Cecep A Rahman. I didn’t see the other two in Starwars since the scene was so quick and they both didn’t get any word to say. But earlier tonight, I had a chance to see Iko Uwais there standing right beside Yayan. I still didn’t recognized which one is Cecep there (the first time I heard his name as well)… :p

For foreign actors to be chosen for some casts in a worldwide huge legendary epic movie (like) Starwars is definitely a big thing! For Indonesian actors? I think it is a huge thing! Especially when they’re chosen not because of some fishy deal, sexual scandal, or ties or personal connections with the director or person in charge. Check this news for its further story on how JJ Abrams found them.

I’m sure they’ll get pay not as much as other (especially) main actors there but it can’t be too small either. No matter how much they got paid, being in Starwars is already a huge luck and spotlight for their acting career. As fellow Indonesian, even though I’m not a big fan of Silat, I am happy for them! Toast to three of them! 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sastri says:

    Those trio will make it into a history 😉

    1. bowtouniverse says:

      haha ;D who knows!


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