PM 2.5 and 10


You’re not fog

Nor you’re snow

You are smog

Killing us slow


You here…

As those few

Don’t care that much

As those few

Care themselves too much


Forgive us, poor lungs

Our poor little lungs.

Trying what we can, is only way

Dark side of winter is almost away



p.s. I love winter and snow, but the endless smoggy days (of Winter) here is becoming so depressing… it gets into my cells..affect my overall feeling toward things. The only big good thing I can think of is that it forces me to stay home and be more productive in the area that I love doing; writing reading and drawing! Which is great! Not sure if I have to be grateful and stop feeling bad about it, instead.

I think…we just need to do what we can do; wear good proper mask (N95) outside, buy good air purifier for inside (in the process of getting one…), keep doing our things and keep our mouth shut, let it harm our inside a bit and slowly, and voila…the winter is then over. Happy rainbow days are back till the doom season comes again. Play the same survival drill for a few more years until we have more freedom and luxury to find different healthier place. May the force be with us all.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sastri says:

    Have plenty of plants in the apartment. Hopefully the smog will be gone soon 😦

    1. bowtouniverse says:

      Yes we do have some and planning to buy some more. Just today we ordered an air purifier, instead of next winter as we planned earlier. The city heating system will still be on for around 2 more months, meaning bad air will be around during that period since the smog mostly caused by the burning coal from heater..


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