Reminder of my writing challenge…

Charles Bukowski. I’ve never heard that name until about 2 weeks ago when I was about to start daily blogging challenge. It was after I saw this quote posted in a yoga group on Wechat; “Find what you love and let it kill you – Charles Bukowski”

It struck me. Deeply. For many reasons I feel it like a big slap sense.

Not long after seeing the quote. I browsed that name on Pinterest to see if I can find the same quote there. What I found was even better; there are a lot more awesome inspiring moving and mind-opening by this name! Looked like most of them were related to writing. So I googled his name and found out more about this cool writer. I read some here, but I will definitely read more about him and his works some other time!

Out of so many quotes under his name, I strongly feel these 2 + 1 by unknown are dynamites! No doubt I should embrace them (and I do!) as reminder of all my writing and blogging challenges; 366 days daily blogging challenge here on The Pitkanens, and 2 more newly made pages – one for daily drawing A Pieceful Day, and another is for weekly short story A Pieceful Week.

It maybe sounds too ambitious to some, but I strongly feel this year is the time to act. To put myself together and work on this. On things I love! And let it ‘kill’ me…

(quite funny J was jokingly say something like this to his mom when we talk about this quote with her, “hope I don’t come home and find her neck tangled by mouse cable..” lol..)

I have nothing to stop me; no formal demanding jobs, no kids, and plenty of time. Plenty time was what I always wanted to have back when I was busy with my jobs. Plenty of time is something that I maybe won’t have in the future.

I feel so lucky that I married a man who is not only reasonable and understanding, but also supportive. I feel lucky in many ways that everything that I do and don’t have are giving me lots of freedom to develop skills and gem that I already have. So nothing should stop me from doing what I have to do now.

It’s not comparing me and others, because each of us have our own different life path. It’s about comparing myself and my life between then and now. It’s about searching and finding my strength and passion, and act accordingly. It’s about making commitment, taking action, and the process of becoming what I want to be. Only I know what and how. Only I can make it a success or fail.

I am sure it won’t be always easy to keep the wheel rolling throughout the year, or to keep the good mood stays steady every single day (or weekend for A Pieceful Week). But I don’t see those are reasons to not doing all these challenges. Perhaps those are what make commitment commitment. Perhaps those are where the art and value of being committed lay in.

I made my commitment already. It’s not that I am 100% sure that I will not missed any day (I missed 2 days already by now), it’s about me wanting to learn from the process; (1) how good is my best this year. (2) how I win and fail in fighting against myself.




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