Days I’ve missed, what can I learn?

It’s day 15th of 2016. By tomorrow half month will be completed (sort of, since we have 31 days this month). I just realized an hour ago that I missed another day. I feel a bit disappointed at myself, but I don’t think it’s healthy to feel all negative about it.

Having another day missed and the fact that I ‘have to’ catch up have given me idea to just write something about it… turn the failure into something more productive and positive!

As part of my 2016 goals; I made commitment to write (at least) a post a day starting from January 1st. The story behind it is here (if you like to know). I have missed a few days, but overall I feel pretty satisfied with the effort I’ve made. However, I feel it’s good to take a moment to look back and notice what might have caused the absence of posts. Hopefully, it will help me to avoid missing more days if possible.

So, I missed January 1st. That day was J’s day off. When he is not working we usually take it easy with the day; sleep late the night before…get up late on the day…It’s usually relaxing day. So we enjoyed that day with such pace. We had early supper (it was Lupper -lunch & supper- to be precise) at Vegetarian resto ant and celebrate new year with some Wine there. It was a bit far from home so we had to leave around 3 or 4 pm. And we didn’t want to be late for the Prague Philharmonic New Year show at the city Concert Hall after Supper time. The concert was finished by almost midnight so, we were home pretty late and I got too tired to sit and write. So I think it was alright and forgiveable. lol..

Next, January 5th. It’s a Tuesday. J’s day off again. So, on Monday night our friends R & L came with their cat to watch Starwars. Our playdate was over 1 or 2 hours after midnight I think. So the next day, the 5th, was another slow late day. I was a bit busy cleaning all the mess of dog-cat incident from the night before. I think I still had lots of free time, but laziness and slow pace dragged me to procrastination. However, on the 6th I submitted 3 posts. So, I fail the discipline and target of 2 days, but I caught up with the total quantity so far.

January 9th, was a Saturday. I was busy with some online work (handling some order from my online home business). Also, I had a very tricky case with one of the online shops I was dealing with. Admittedly, I could have still taken 1 hour to write something but I just wasn’t striving enough.. The balance is, I wrote 2 posts on the 13th. So I guess the quantity is sort of caught up.

January 14th. I was busy again with some online orders. Quantity wise I will definitely catch up with more writing later today (January 15th).

Now, what is there for me to fix?

I think…what I could do next time if I were too busy with work or too comfortable during those lazy days is to force myself to just STOP and take a moment to: make some hot/cold drinks, do some quick yin yoga on the sofa or even just a simple breathing practice/meditation, read the writing reminder and drag my ass to sit and write even just a simple short poem! Let’s see how it goes. Still have ‘plenty’ days to come… ;D



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