COD on Meituan

For you foreigners in China who are new with Meituan (美团) , here is a little note that can help you from confusion and panic when ‘things’ gone unusual during the process of ordering ;D

So, I just made an order for some Pizza (from Pizza Hut chain) on The whole process was all well and normal until the step of payment. After finished choosing the menu, the next step will normally bring you to payment screen – if you click ‘to pay’ button (if you can’t read Hanzi/Chinese character, it’s an orange button on the right bottom corner of your menu review screen). But this time, there was nothing lead to payment step. It was just stopped there. I was confused. Thought I mistakenly hit wrong button or something. My super limited Chinese didn’t help either.

So I hit ‘back’ to previous screen/step and click the orange button at the bottom of something like ‘cart view’ step. Then it did the same thing again – next orange button which is ‘to pay’ button was not appear anywhere.

Confused and worried! Worried that the system deduct some money 2 times from my bank. But that is just impossible! I didn’t hit any ‘pay’ button at all… Alipay step didn’t even appear in the first place! Unless, a glitch happened that the system ‘thinks’ I made payment, while I didn’t. If that’s the case it’d be awesome! Haha..

While wondering, my phone rang. That’s from Pizza Hut. The guys was making sure if I submit 2 orders of the same menu. I said no, just 1 order. He said I should call some numbers to correct it then. Hah. Panic attack! He spoke so fast like a bullet train. I can’t even remember the whole number. But I suspect it must be Meituan call centre that he meant me to call. And how am I going to explain if the operator doesn’t speak English at all?! In my experience, not every big national company/service provides English speaking staff.

I tried to calm down. I thought, “Double (not even single yet) payment  is impossible. Let’s just see what happens, if anything, I’ll go to the bank tomorrow to check on today’s transaction”.

As I tried looking on the order notification and details again, I saw this ‘phone’ symbol on the top right corner, clicked it, and a number look like call centre appears, it’s 400 920 8809. So I tried calling it for fun – didn’t expect the person on the other side will speak English.. A guy answered in Chinese. I ask if he can speak English. He said, “Yes, please hold on..” OMG. I almost can’t believe it!

A few secs later a woman’s voice came. Spoke fluent English! And all was well and happy! lol..

So, what happened was, not every shop on Meituan participates in Alipay (支付宝-zhi fu bao) payment. Some shops only support Cash On Delivery (收到付-shou dao fu) method with Pizza Hut as one of them.

So again, there is no glitch, or double payment. I just need to get some cash ready when the delivery person knocks my door. What a fun exciting day! One of those little daily victories that I’d like to share here… Thought this could be a help for those who need!



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