Meet our R2-Detox!

After taking several days for browsing, making an order, and waiting for it to come, R2-Detox, our air purifier arrived yesterday. We can now breath less pm 2.5 air in our home, yay!

We love the nice shape and look of this Xiaomi (MI) purifier. But most importantly we think all the functions it offers are what we need for our family. Not only it purify the air (especially pm 2.5 and formaldehyde) but also it sucks fine hair of pet – which has been quite an issue with Lila’s all-seasons shedding!

The fan position is also Lila’s friendly because it’s located on the top and is fully covered, so there’s quite little chance she would put her paws in it and hurt herself when the device is on.

On top of that, Xiaomi (MI) has this cool application that allow users to remotely access and control their home MI devices including this air purifier. I think we both (unspokenly) love that idea. They call it Smart home apps.

So, we ordered the bigger one from Taobao instead, since the official website sells only the small one. We had to pay about 200 yuan more for this ‘first generation’ type, but that is fine. It worth buying especially the crazy weeks is coming soon – the Chinese new year which is still followed by massive non-stop fireworks everywhere. Without fireworks the air is already bad enough during winter, with fireworks especially during the whole 10 days holiday you just gotta do something you can.

Expenses wise, going for a trip to get rid of China bad air is not out best opt. But getting a decent air purifier is surely affordable and reasonable.

I think it has become our family tradition to give names to many things, so I asked J, “Wouldn’t you like to give name to the air purifier?”.. he came up with three options but I end up liking the last one he mentioned; R2-Detox.

Thinking of Starwars R2-D2? You’re not wrong. This MI Air purifier is our R2-D2 with Detox function… ;D


  1. Buying product from Taobao can sometimes be tricky and risky. Many fake products there. But this one, we have done pre-order check on the shop’s selling record, evaluation, comments, and descriptions. On the description, it tells you how to check if the product is genuine or fake, one of those is: if it’s fake you won’t be able to connect with the MI smarthome app/software.  Thankfully, we found the products we’ve received is genuine!
  2. If genuine, the box comes with original Invoice from MI that shows it’s official MI logo stamp and price (event though you pay extra from Taobao), password (need to scratch it using coin) of something (i haven’t checked the use of it yet), and some kind of code. There is also official sticker with serial code of your device (to on line check if it’s genuine).
  3. If you happen to buy this in China, don’t worry about the language. MI provides English version for both official website and smart home application/software.


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