Snowy Xi’an!

The snow was finally falling here on January 21st. In our city it fell unevenly…quite a lot in our neighbourhood (southern part of the city), while in the eastern and northern part of the city was not much left. I guess it’s not too strange since they say the global temperature and weather has been showing a big difference this year…

In China, southern area like Guangzhou got some snow.. many of Guangzhou people happened to experience their first snow ever this year! Some northern part of China, like Inner Mongolia, they got their coldest winter this year..that reached -56C or so. I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it…

The coldest winter I have experienced in my life was only -45C back when we lived in Daqing city (Northern China). I didn’t hate it, in fact I loved it. Maybe because it was my first years with harsh winter. For some reason, such cold winter helped me to find a deeper meaning of ‘good shelter’ and ‘home’.

Here in Xian, the winter is so much milder than that, coldest is around -20C I think, but it doesn’t stay too long either. Climate wise, this city is perfect for both of us; J still get the moderately cold seasons that his body needs, and I can still experience the beauty of four seasons.

Back to Xi’an, I wish there will be more snow so we can let Lila run freely on the thickly-snow-covered grass in the park.. it’s the only moment when we feel safe letting her unleashed here.. seeing her running around happily on the snow is priceless.. that’s where a husky should be. Pretty sure it’ll fall again sometime in February when it usually comes. Can’t wait!

So, do you have memorable first snow experience? How did you like it?



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