Free online courses..

So I have missed many days of blogging in February, which I am not happy about. Other than taking care of my teaching field, I’m also taking some online courses at Coursera and FutureLearn. The whole courses are:

  1. Programming and the Web for beginners (Coursera)
  2. Logical and critical thinking (FutureLearn)
  3. Introduction to Ecosystem (FutureLearn)

I have been knowing Coursera as a free online learning platform for the last few years, yet when I was enrolling it is asked for tuition fee. My financial is just not allowing for now. Fortunately they provide a way for such case; Financial aid!

So, you just need to fill out their form and demonstrate how the financial aid will be helpful for you. I haven’t got any reply or official note about the aid I was applying for, but they unlock the course moduls afterwards.. like a couple days after I submit the application. Yay!

The other 2 courses are totally free. So you just need to click join then kadabum! you’re in.

It’s been a few days learning with them (Futurelearn courser has already started) and I feel wonderful and happy about it!

To begin this March, I forced myself to end the long absence of blogging. A few days ago I stumbled upon a social media post saying something like; there are so many beginners, but so few finisher.

That was a perfect reminder for myself and blogging, so here I am sitting and writing my piece of sh*t again! ;D

By the way, how do you feel and think about free online courses? Is it worth taking? Did you have any experience taking any? Which one is your favorite platform and why so?



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